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Our experts can help you with all the aspects of finding a new home

Helen Lindner from research unit (left) discusses some projects with Ralf Rosinus, responsible for acquisition of property developers.


You have hundreds of wishes ‒ and we have more than 700 apartments in our portfolio. But you don’t want all 700, just the one that suits you. A game of chance, you might think, if it weren’t for your own consultant who understands you and who shows you just that one apartment, and then maybe another one that suddenly doesn’t interest you anymore. Give it a try. Our team of more than 40 people who understand Berlin and our customers is looking forward to your call.

Global Sales

Rita Friedberg, head of department
Rita Friedberg, head of department

Berlin apartment buildings are equally prized as long-term investments by private and institutional investors. Due to the great interest in such properties, the market has become faster-paced, more intense and less clear to the untrained eye over recent years. Our specialists make the whole thing transparent for you.

They bring buyers and sellers of apartment buildings together, determine the market value of the properties, assess what purchase price would be appropriate as well as the scope of any necessary renovations. The aim is to ensure strong rental earnings or a good sale result with subdivision of the property and the sale of the individual apartments.

Neighborhood development and commercial enterprises

Beyond the sale of apartments, ZIEGERT takes responsibility for districts and neighborhoods. For example, we support commercial users in newly developed areas and land use issues and work with the districts to improve neighborhoods.

Moreover, in the context of our projects we reach out to contacts in companies, state institutions and private initiatives to create synergies between existing district structures and future residents and commercial interests. ZIEGERT unites the marketing of commercial units and district development with the goal of achieving an attractive mix of businesses, residences and liveliness.

Alexander Boether, head of department
Alexander Boether, head of department


The biggest investment that most people make in their lives is buying their own home – it’s often a six-digit euro figure, which only a few have available in liquid capital. In light of the large sums involved, many people seek a partner who can tell them what their apartment will mean in terms of monthly financing before they decide to buy. Our consultants explain the purchase of real estate in clear terms, and plan the financing in such a way that you can relax and enjoy your life.

Stephanie Rosengarten, head of sales and financing

Product Development

Uwe Kalz, CEO and head of acqusition and product development
Katharina Habeck (right)

Product Management/ Marketing

The team visits the new and amazing project Metropol Park in Mitte.

Accounting/ Reception and Events/ IT

Management assistance

Time is a democratic good. We all have too little of it. To create a bit of space for our executive management during the workday, we've given them a team of unflappable assistants. Every one of them is an absolute specialist in her field of expertise. They all have training in real estate or extensive legal knowledge and have held substantial positions in leading companies. Together they form a strong team that gives structure to the daily workflow and finds solutions to every challenge.

Nicole Birth, Petra Budimlic, Carolina Luszkiewicz, Annemarie Klaar (left to right).


A good team consists of the best possible people for each job, of employees who motivate each other and move the company toward a goal you wouldn’t have thought possible yesterday. Our leadership team sets the course for the development of our company, and finds ways and opportunities to master each new step with success.