Living in the romantic's quarter

A wonderful period building, set in Schlegelstrasse in the Romantikerviertel of Berlin-Mitte, will be extensively renovated.


These modern apartments between Chausseestrasse and Eichendorffstrasse retain their Wilhelminian charm. Original historic details will be lovingly complemented and the modern style of construction will guarantee comfortable living in one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods in Berlin.

The opulent ornamentation of neo-classicism contrasts with glass and steel. Everything which can be preserved, will be preserved. Where necessary, elements will be replaced and modernised for contemporary comfort. The original stairwell, ceiling stucco and solid main entrance door will be restored by hand. Here, state-of-the-art electronics, with video technology and intercom systems, satisfy modern requirements. The restoration of the historic front façade gives the building a contemporary appearance, whilst still highlighting its period charm. Living will be opened up by balconies overlooking the street and courtyard, and roof terraces will open to the sky. New life will be breathed into the rustic masonry construction with timber beam ceilings in the upper floors – successfully uniting past and present.



Berlin is constantly changing, with such change also extending to its green space. Cultural heritage is being modernised, transformed and revived. This is evident at the end of Schlegelstrasse. Here, the paddling pool at Nordbahnhof railway station is currently being transformed into a modern water feature, with several stainless steel showers, water pumps and three toy fish bringing something new to the location.

The park at the Nordbahnhof has also been innovatively designed: dense plants alternate with wide open spaces, creating a natural atmosphere. Even small animals have been considered, finding a roof over their heads in the sandstone and granite cubes. People too can enjoy exercise: whether jogging in the park, climbing on the ‘Mountmitte’ high rope course or playing beach volleyball. Then afterwards, relaxing in the beach bar, strolling barefooted with a glass of Californian Barefoot wine.

Ideally located at Nordbahnhof station - the TV Tower in sight


Infrastructure in urban life is essential, but a walk in nature is good for inner balance. It’s fantastic when you don’t have to drive anywhere, with plenty of nature on your doorstep. In Berlin-Mitte the banks of the River Spree are excellent for walks, and the idyll of the weeping willows along the course of the river allows the body to recharge its batteries and calms the soul.

Fans of purism will be attracted to the historic Invalidenpark, where the food for the Invalidenhaus hospital was once grown. Today, a renowned granite sculpture rises from the waters of the Invalidenbrunnen fountain here, evoking memories of the remnants of the Berlin Wall. Fans of nature with a cultural touch can enjoy the pleasures of the Museumsinsel nearby. In the Monbijoupark, the dance and entertainment programmes in the Amphitheatre merge with beach flair and green space.


Surrounded by the trendy districts of Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg, ‘Mitte’ lies at the heart of Berlin enjoying a blend of tradition and culture, finance, luxury and politics. Digital Bohemians arrange to meet in Café St. Oberholz using WhatsApp, art lovers stroll on the Museumsinsel from the National Gallery to the Pergamon Museum, ending up at the Hangi sushi restaurant slurping their Miso soup. You are forever spoilt for choice by the diversity of this city district.

Whether it is luxury: bespoke tailored shirts, high-quality shoes or handmade pralines around Friedrichstrasse and Gendarmenmarkt. Or culture: museums and exhibitions, performances at the Berliner Ensemble, Volksbühne and National Opera House. A rich selection for which non-Berliners are often prepared to travel longer distances.


Mitte is one of the most vibrant districts of Berlin, and one of the most productive. Both creatively and economically, much innovative work is produced and undertaken here. Mitte is also where the film industry networks, and its enthusiasm spreads to the booming start-up scene, making the district attractive to both young entrepreneurs and newcomers in the entertainment media.

Foreign capital is also being invested in Mitte, creating an aura of optimism. This international influence is also apparent in the culinary landscape: Croatian, Brazilian and Russian cuisine join the traditional German, French and Italian restaurants. The cityscape also shows that vibrancy has developed amongst historic, illustrious buildings such as the Kronprinzenpalais, Humboldt University and Hackesche Höfe which provide traditional surroundings for the diversity of today.

Cafes, bars and restaurants invite passersby to linger


Outside the front door, Mitte’s restaurant landscape opens with the Eismieze at the end of Schlegelstrasse. The key is knowing what and where. Whether it’s breakfast in the award-winning Bäckerei Alpenstück bakery, Z’Morgä on the terrace of Nola's am Weinberg or Petit Déjeuner in 3 minutes sur mer – lovers of international delicacies will be as happy here as German tradition connoisseurs. Yes, hip ethnic cooking goes side by side with traditional home cooking in Mitte.

Also hip is the dark ambience of Toca Rouge. With names of dishes such as ‘Making Sense’, ‘Pretty Woman’ and ‘Spider Beef’, this Asian cross-over cuisine intrigues its diners. Deep-seated traditional requests for stuffed cabbage are satisfied in Keyser Soze; with its offer of regional cuisine, it has built a solid reputation as the neighbourhood pub in Tucholskystrasse.


Returning to Schlegelstrasse, the culinary standard is high. Whether you are looking for traditional German in the Kaffeehaus Honigmond, German-French in Auberge Maréchal Ney or Haute Cuisine in reinstoff, you just have to walk down the street. Cosmopolitan life really sets in if you walk just that little bit further, because Vienna’s coffee traditions live on in Friedrichs 106, the Beth Café offers kosher specialities and even Ireland is represented with the Oscar Wilde.

With coffee shops from all corners of the world competing against each other in the neighbourhood, it couldn’t be more international. And in the evening: Bar Reingold, cocktails in Katz Orange or wine in Weinerei? It takes time to find your favourite bar, so thank goodness the week has 7 days.


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