Building type:



from 269.011 €

Units available:

, 4 Commercial


+ New scheme featuring 35 terraced flats

+ 4 attic apartments

+ 4 commercial units

+ floor-to-ceiling heights of 2.74 m on regular floors,

+ sunny balconies and roof terraces

+ East-West alignment

+ underground car park

+ lifts, apartments handicap-accessible

+ Bathrooms featuring branded fixtures

+ real-wood parquetry with underfloor heating

+ Solar shading, in some units consisting of powered blinds or roller blinds



Even at first glance, the buildings of the Am Lokdepot project tell you a lot about their location, which is vibrant and authentic and one-of-a-kind: The robust charm of their red geometric façades, the clarity of the modern architecture and the spectacular, unobstructed view across the railway tracks into the sky above Berlin they are a conspicuous landmark in their park-like setting and among the quarters surrounding

them. Halfway between Schöneberg and Kreuzberg, at the south end of Flaschenhalspark, the post-industrial character of the place turns into an exciting symbiosis of past and present that captures the essence of Berlin. Their pragmatic floor plans for different lifestyles make these versatile flats a coveted address for very personal homes. Separate, and yet communal. Relaxing and inspiring.


A walk through the neighbourhood will reveal the many different charms that Schöneberg, Kreuzberg and Potsdamer Platz have to offer. To this day, you can sense the spirit of Marlene Dietrich and David Bowie, who once lived here, within this historically evolved multiculturalism: The neighbourhoods around Winterfeldtstrasse, Crellestrasse, Bergmannstrasse and Yorckstrasse are dotted with posh and hip cafés and boutique stores. Mediterranean stands at farmers' markets, organic market halls, and gourmet venues casually rub shoulders here. And everywhere you go, you feel the metropolitan spirit that brings the brightest minds and artists from far-away places to this city: The Philharmonic Hall, the New National Gallery, and the Arsenal Institute for Film and Video Art are among the ground-breaking institutions grouped

around Potsdamer Platz. Strolling down Potsdamer Strasse with its international art dealers and concept stores in the evening, you will experience the quarter's enchanting transition into the blue hour. You may even wish to mingle with the crowd frequenting well-known bars and clubs in the area at the end of the day. The bottleneck-shaped park, which is a section of Park am Gleisdreieck, starts at the bridges crossing Yorckstrasse and ends directly and the Lokdepot roundhouse. Its picturesque trails follow the still visible rights of ways, and are fringed by a unique natural environment that was entirely off to the public until recently. The amazingly sensitive landscaping of this time-slowing oasis won the 2015 German Landscape Architecture Award.