• Apartment finance with ZIEGERT Real estate


Apartment finance with ZIEGERT Real estate

About 80 percent of ZIEGERT customers take out a mortgage to benefit from the currently low interest rates; most of them are advised in this by our experts. Because ZIEGERT is not just the largest real estate agency in Berlin. We’re also the largest non-bank financing consultancy.

  • On your behalf, a 15-person team will compare current financing conditions
  • offered by about 300 partner banks,
  • determine which KfW and IBB loans are suitable for you
  • and put together the optimal financing plan for you from the range of available offers.

With a loan volume of 120 million euros last year, we’re able to negotiate particularly attractive conditions for your real estate financing.

No Call Centre

An additional advantage? Thanks to effective preparation and strong relationships with decision makers in credit departments, our financing requests are generally processed more quickly by banks than requests coming in through other channels. Not only that, but our customers are ushered personally through the entire financing process, from first phone call to disbursement – a by no means self-evident perk in this age of direct banking. You won’t find any anonymous business processes and call centres at ZIEGERT!

Individual Counselling

We advise you individually according to your life situation and financial possibilities, regardless of whether you purchased a property from ZIEGERT or another vendor. And we never direct you to accept the very first offer when buying a flat. Thanks to our close cooperation with 300 loan providers, we can ensure the best conditions for your real estate financing.

The Best Offers, Updated Daily

With ZIEGERT, you can be assured of finding the most favourable up-to-date offer on the German credit market. We analyse your personal situation on the basis of your desires and documents, then put together a financing plan tailored to your needs. A mortgage should adapt to your life and provide you with the greatest possible flexibility. That starts with a personal financing consultation.

No Paperwork

We liberate you from protracted negotiations with various providers and deal with all paperwork on your behalf. From the personal consultation to the signing of the contract, we help you with every step along the way and make sure the processing and disbursement of your real estate financing proceeds smoothly and quickly. How do we define top-quality service? Optimal advice provided by phone or in the pleasant atmosphere of our corporate spaces, gladly also in Spanish, English or Turkish. Best of all, it won’t cost you a cent!

Protection Package for Periods of Financial Difficulty

For many people, low financing costs will thus likely remain an important argument in favour of home ownership. Those who nonetheless shy away from leaving rental set-ups because they’re worried about potential periods of financial constraint due to illness or unemployment can take advantage of our ZIEGERT protection package. In collaboration with AXA, we’ve developed a solution in which the insurance company would cover your financing instalments for up to 24 months.

Stable Financing Rates

At the moment we’re experiencing a small trend reversal due to positive economic developments in the United States. These have generated growing demand for capital and increasing investment possibilities. The European Central Bank will have to react to these developments sooner or later, but given the high level of debt in some countries, it has little room for manoeuvre at the moment.

A Go-To Person

Other obstacles on the path towards a flat of one’s own include too little capital and a low credit rating. The assessment process for private purchases is furthermore rather conservative. Anyone buying a flat today often has to live with the fact that the financing bank values the property significantly lower than does the market. But that doesn’t have to be an insurmountable barrier. Given the sustainably favourable overall development of the real estate market, it’s important to utilise existing opportunities and seek creative solutions for the given project using a large network of partners. Private customers are thus strongly advised to reach out to several banks – or even better, to take advantage of ZIEGERT’s financing expertise.

The Right Fixed Interest Rate

Take advantage of the fixed interest rate loans and low interest rates common in Germany. For particularly cautious customers, banks now offer term periods of up to 30 years, though loans with ten or 15 year terms with a repayment of two to three percent remain customary. With a repayment of just one percent, borrowers would have to pay for around 52 years given today’s conditions and would run the risk of a high residual debt after expiry of the fixed interest rate.

A View towards Follow-Up Financing

Our team not only tends to your current property financing, but is also happy to provide you with favourable follow-up financing in a timely manner – because in the current interest-rate environment, it often makes sense to secure favourable interest rates years in advance. If a forward loan is still out of reach of your maturities, we recommend saving for a redemption reserve by way of a building loan contract. Our advisors are happy to provide you with detailed information on how that works in a personal consultation.


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