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Four steps to a home of your dreams

1. Choose your dream flat

2. Arrange a viewing

3. Fill out the required information form

4. Sign the contract

Choose your dream flat

If you want to rent an apartment in Berlin, you should first define your own wishes and expectations. The size, number of rooms, location, type of accommodation and price are the most important factors in finding the ideal apartment for rent in Berlin. ZIEGERT offers a diverse portfolio of rental apartments in Berlin, which can be viewed online anytime, anywhere.

Arrange a viewing

There are many rental apartments in Berlin, so the on-site visit will ultimately separate the wheat from the chaff. It is important to pay attention to the general condition of the apartment, that is to say the condition of the windows and heating, number of rooms and arrangement, daylight incidence and distribution of sockets. If these factors are given, the surroundings of the rented apartment should also be considered in detail, ie. Neighbors, volume and shopping nearby.

Fill out the required information form

To rent an apartment in Berlin, you have to fill out a so-called self-report, which is easy and convenient online in PDF format possible. All personal data as well as information on previous rental behavior are listed here.

Sign the contract

If the perfect rental apartment is found, the lease can be signed. It should be noted that the rental contract is, of course, thoroughly read and checked. Important factors for the tenant are the correct indication of the rent, deposit and size, the coverage of repair and maintenance costs by the landlord as well as the possibility of keeping animals or making minor modifications.


From start to finish – ZIEGERT offers a 360° Service and will gladly answer all of your questions regarding renting apartments in Berlin.



You can rent these and many other highlights from us.


Live in a Gesamtkunstwerk – for Daniel Libeskind, the creation of living space is the highest art of architecture. He dedicates himself with passion to giving everyday life a space that responds to people’s many individual needs, desires, and dreams.

Using asymmetries and the repeatedly avoiding right angles, he develops unusual visual axes and sightlines. Light becomes a versatile design element. The result is a habitable Gesamtkunstwerk (total work of art) – unique and limited, each individual flat bears the distinctive Libeskind signature.


Every flat is unmistakably Libeskind. The conquering of the right angle allows for interiors more spacious than usual. Large windows assure maximum daylight in every flat, while lavish terraces, loggias, and balconies provide additional space for residents.

In addition, common areas in the courtyard and on the roof terrace serve as sites of encounter. The two to three room flats on floors one through five are available in two different varieties: “small” (38 m² – 57 m²) and “classy” (59 m² – 113 m²).


The interiors of the SAPPHIRE flats feature exquisite materials: high-quality solid wood parquet, fittings from the best manufacturers, smooth walls with white paint, and exposed concrete ceilings full of character.

All rooms come equipped with floor heating systems as well as air conditioning. Additional standards include high-end fitted kitchens, noise insulation, and barrier-free access.

Joli Coeur

Cold rent from 850 bis 2500 € | Rooms 2-4 | Living space between 65-170 m2

Potsdamer Platz

Cold rent from 835 € | Rooms 1-4 | Living space between 46 – 160 m2


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