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Quality of life in Berlin: Find out why Germany’s capital city is the perfect metropolis for living, studying and working!



  • 14 international schools in Berlin
  • Kindergartens, nursery schools, primary and secondary school on international level
  • 5 world-famous education institutions (e.g. Humboldt-University)
  • No tuition fees for public universities
  • Very high standard, renowned education system
  • Approx. 1.500 partnerships with universities around the world
  • 170.000 enrolled students, 25.000 from abroad
Health Care

Health Care

  • Excellent private healthcare and clinics
  • High-quality standards
  • Outstanding medical technology
  • 1.056 hospitals/clinics in Berlin
  • Location of the world-famous Charité (one of the best in Europe)
  • Health insurrance, accident insurance, nursing care insurance are legally required
  • Average waiting time for doctor’s appointment less than 9 days


  • 2.500 parks and green spaces
  • Good air quality, drinkable tap water and temperate climate
  • Excellent public transport connection
  • Urban waste disposal which protects the environment
  • A world-class cultural metropolis
  • Top-class restaurants
  • 180 museums, 440 galleries, 3 operas, concert hall, 150 theatres, 130 cinemas

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