Capital Investment Report Berlin

Tenant-Occupied Condominiums

8 Reasons Why to Invest in Berlin now:

  • A number of 3,828,000 inhabitants is forecasted to live in Berlin in 2030
  • The average annual population growth since 2011 is 46,000 people
  • Experts predict an economic growth of 2.7 % for 2018
  • The vacancy rate dropped down to 1.7 % in 2017
  • Although the number of building completions is rising, it can not meet the strong demand
  • Rents and prices continue to increase year after year
  • The market share of tenant-occupied condominiums among all offered condominiums remains at 25 %
  • Tenant-occupied condominiums showed a high price increase over the last years; the price gap between tenant-occupied and vacant condominiums decreased

Berlin is both the capital and one of the federal states of Germany, the largest national economy in Europe and the fourth-largest national economy worldwide (IMF) in terms of gross domestic product. Among Germany’s so-called Bundesländer, the city state of Berlin has been reporting the fastest economic growth on average for the past five years. The city’s demographic growth, which is largely based on a positive migration balance, has followed an upward trend for 14 years now and is expected to continue until 2030 according to a demographic forecast by Berlin’s Senate Department for Urban Development. Despite their steep increases in recent years, residential prices and rents remain affordable when compared to other cities either in Germany or abroad.

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