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Renting yields returns. That’s why ZIEGERT offers a professional rental service – to enable our clients to maximise their investments and to make an early purchase decision easier for owner-occupiers.

Our team advises prospective customers on all matters relating to flat-letting in Berlin and thereby makes an essential contribution to their investment success.

We offer:

  • Counselling and rental price assessment
  • Personal contact partners
  • Calculation before purchase
  • Furnished renting with Studio Z

In pre-war buildings, we assume complete responsibility for the letting – from determination of the optimal rental rate to design of the contract, from selection of the appropriate tenant to credit check and contract signing.

In new buildings, we go one step further: before construction is even complete, we inform buyers who intend to let about potential target groups, appropriate interior standards, and achievable rental rates. That way, interested buyers know early on what returns they can expect and what optimisation potential they have in each phase.

Consulting – determination of rental rate

To determine rental rates, we rely on 30 years of market experience and our rigorous real estate research, widely acknowledged as the best in Berlin. Our staff knows which prospective tenants are currently searching for a rental flat in which neighbourhoods, how much monthly rent they can afford, how much they actually want to spend, and which alternative rental offers are available at the respective locations. Based on that, we derive a recommendation for the rental rate that also takes into account your flat’s furnishings and its relative location within the building. In other words: after consulting with our team, you’ll know significantly more than you would after a superficial glance at a map with comparative values – all the more so considering we naturally also inform you about the relevant rent index.

In the old building rental service, we take over the letting, from the setting of the optimal rental rate to the contract design up to the selection of the appropriate tenant.

Does the rent cap apply?

Flats in new buildings are excluded from the rent cap; here, freedom of contract applies. Berlin was the first federal state to implement the rent cap across the board. In the case of new tenancies, rental flats can be offered at no more than ten percent higher than the comparative local rent – unless the flat was previously extensively renovated or was already being let at a rate above the comparative local one. In that case, the provision to safeguard existing standard applies. Many landlords are unsettled by the new regulations. Our advice? Talk to an expert before you set your rent too low or too high and thus risk losing profit or facing legal disputes.

What do we do for you?

  • Generate listings on the basis of professional photos
  • Achieve optimal ad placement in widely used Internet portals
  • Arrange viewings, even on weekends
  • Select tenants and execute credit checks
  • Design contracts

Optimal listing design

Your flat is on the fifth floor of a building without an elevator? The stairwell has significant wear? Information like that should, but doesn’t have to appear in the listing; other information is truly indispensable. Concretely, this means data from the energy performance certificate. Since May 2014, landlords are required to include the final energy rating, the energy carrier for the heating system, and the type of certificate in commercial listings. In addition, the construction year of the flat must be included. At the latest when your listing goes online, all documentation for the flat must be complete; a missing energy certificate is now considered an administrative offence and can result in a fine of up to 15.000 euros in extreme cases.

In addition, powerful photos and texts are absolutely necessary for successful advertising and rental. Particularly for high-end flats, an appropriate rental price can only be achieved when the listing and ad meet the standards of the target group. Anyone who is negligent here will have trouble finding a tenant or be forced to conduct protracted negotiations regarding discounts or extra services with the few prospective renters. Inadequate distribution of the ad can have a similarly negative impact on your renting success.

In the new building rental service we go one step further. There we inform buyers with rental intent before the completion with our 360 degree service.

Accessibility and viewings

Also important for the success of a listing is the accessibility of the landlord. Plan to publish your rental offer at a time when you’re not at work or on vacation. Some prospective renters like to call right when you’re in your car or relaxing after work. At ZIEGERT, we’ve orientated ourselves to the needs of increasingly mobile renters. Those who discover their dream apartment one evening while on the couch surfing the web will find, if they call immediately, a competent contact person on the phone, not a call centre employee. More importantly, we facilitate prompt and individual viewings, even on weekends. For us, mass group viewings are a no-go – because even in times of high demand, renting remains an individual business at ZIEGERT.

Tenant selection

Professional tenant selection: Rental professionals don’t rely solely on their human insight, but rather take the time for in-depth conversations. Most prospective renters, after all, will answer a question like “how many people live in your household?” with a clear conscience. But things look different when it comes to questions like “do you have pets?” or “do you intend to acquire a cat or dog any time soon?” And then there are the questions that private landlords are reluctant to ask, but which could easily become integral to the success of a tenancy. The classic unasked questions? Are bankruptcy, insolvency, or conciliation proceedings pending against you? Would you give me the contact information for your previous landlord? As a rule, only a credit check and proof from the previous landlord that a potential tenant is debt-free provides sufficient clarity on these points.

A lease..

..written from the landlord’s perspective: When a rental service takes care of the lease, the landlord usually comes off quite well. The same cannot necessarily be said when a lease template is downloaded online. Those who search the web for a template should always pay attention to the source. One of the first Google hits for “Mietvertrag Vorlage” (“lease template”), for example, leads to the German Tenants’ Association (Deutscher Mieterbund). If you’re going to use a prepared lease, it’s better to use one provided by a landlords’ association or specialist publisher. In any case, you should make sure that the lease reflects the current legal situation – for example, vis-à-vis aesthetic repairs.


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